How to Find the Best Content Marketing Blogs

Everyone is spending lots of time indoors. With so much time, you might be wanting to catch up on a few new blogs. If you’re interested in content marketing, I’ve got some great tips for you to find those blogs you’re looking for. Let’s get right into these awesome tips.

Try a Google Search

The first tip I want to give you when it comes to finding content marketing blogs is that Google is your best friend. There are so many fun searches you can do to find the content you're looking for. I love just typing in a search on here and watching how fast it brings up relevant results. As you’re doing this, you can start coming up with lists of content marketing blogs faster than you think.

To help you out, I recommend putting all of this information into a spreadsheet or a similar type of document. Trust me, it takes a little extra time but it’s worth it to see so many great potential websites to start posting to.

Ask Your Professional Network

There’s another powerful way to start finding lots of great content marketing blogs and that's by asking people you know. For this tip, you’re going to want to mainly ask business professionals. You can find all of these business professionals and connections by going to LinkedIn.

Recently, I had a question about one of my websites that I couldn’t figure out the answer to. After posting my question on social media, it didn’t take very long until I received the help I needed. Just use relevant hashtags and your posts should begin getting in front of the people who can help solve your query.

Check Out Social Media

In our last tip, we mentioned how important it was to go on LinkedIn. However, it’s also possible to find the content marketing blogs you're looking for by going to websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these platforms, simply type into a search what you’re looking for and you should soon see a list of relevant results.

Another reason I love finding answers or help on social media is because of all of the groups on these platforms. You’re never more than a few groups away from finding a helping hand. You might even find a potential future business partner in one of these groups.

Look for Expert Lists on Content Marketing

There are quite a few people internet who really know their stuff when it comes to content marketing. If you’re wanting to learn more about this fascinating subject, I highly recommend checking out a few great lists. Recently, the Content Marketing Institute  had an amazing look at some of their favorite content marketing blogs. Another pick that I really loved was this look at the best content marketing blogs of 2020 .

There you have it, quite a few great ways to start finding all of the great content marketing content you’re looking for. Please make sure to check out some my other articles if you enjoyed this one. Thanks so much for reading this, I hope it helps you find some of the amazing content marketing experts out there.

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